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Shetkari Athavadi Bazar in Pune & Mumbai

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Shree Swami Samarth Farmer Producer Company Ltd. has established in 2010 with a view to develop the concept of innovative farming adjoining hands with the farmers who have capability of innovation and experiments in crop management.

Farmers are facing numerous problems. Faming land in the capacity of asset and hold is reducing day by day. Natural calamities are adding up to unfavourable conditions resulting into unpredictable results of farming. Over and above there is loss of control of market on these situations. This results into fluctuation in cost and effectiveness. There is total misbalance of investment and output. Consumers are purchasing at good rates as per market value but benefit of revenue is not reaching to the farmers because of high percentage to the middle man control system. Hence leading to decrease in revenue generation and increase in the investment cost to the farmers.

To combat the situation Shri Swami Samarth Farmer Producer Company Ltd has taken up the initiative by establishing a venture of educated young people from rural farming community who are exclusively committed towards the welfare of farmers


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To empower the farmer and rural youth in making Samarth Bharat by creating Social entrepreneur in agriculture.


  • To develop systematised and organised agriculture marketing system
  • To bring a innovative supply chain system directly from production source to the consumer
  • To ensure the farmer and consumer benefit both in terms of cost and product
  • To promote natural, Traditional and Organic farming
  • To promote healthy and nutritional value added products from organic farming
  • To develop the resources for the development of the farmers
  • To educate and develop skills among farmers regarding new techniques and technology of Healthy farming and marketing
  • To secure and ensure the interest of Farmers consumer society and Ultimately government towards agriculture sector
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Mr. Narendra Dnyandev Pawar Director

MBA( Finance )

Mr. Ganesh Kundalik Sawane Director

MBA( Marketing)

Mr. Rajesh Mahadev Mane Director