What We Do

What We Do

  • Establishing market for agriculture and rural produce.
  • Established a digital controlling system through mobile app FWM for pre -assessment of demand and supply before implementation of market so that wastage can be prevented. This is automatically helping in cost effectiveness to the farmers.
  • Conveying the market intelligence to the farmers to plan their production and maximising profitability.
  • Ensuring fresh produce for the customers through daily harvest system where farmer will bring only that product which is harvested within 8 to 12 hours.
  • Using exclusively digital weighing system and for consumers to avoid cheating and hence promoting transparency.


  • Providing traditional, natural and desi seeds to ensure optimum and utmost nutritional values and original and high fidelity taste of product.
  • Providing Organic and natural farming practices to improve quality and originality of product hence ensuring the prevention of diseases because of hazardous chemical and fertilizers.
  • Providing a systemised supply chain to minimise quantitative and qualitative loss of product.
  • Maximising the demand of agriculture produce by promoting consumption of fresh and natural farm products.
  • Proving market infrastructure for smooth functioning like canopies, weighing scales, displays crates, stands, packaging material, uniforms etc.

Conceptually Modernised

  • Ensuring optimum branding, image making and marketing for farmers
  • Maintaining uniformity of the protocols and standards ensuring benefit to all farmers as well as consumers
  • Promoting rural value added and traditional nutritive food product in collaboration with Mahila Bachat Ghat. This will also helping in women employment and empowerment.
  • Liasoning with the Government authorities for the development and welfare of the farmers.
  • Proving training to the farmers and enhancing their skills regarding updates in technology in farming and marketing as well.
  • Establishing the well defined system of traceability of product for the consumers to ensure trust and belief.